Jane is an experienced trainer, facilitator and leadership consultant, who has worked with diverse groups in the Corporate and Government sectors for over 16 years. Areas of expertise include _ Transformative leadership, Cultural transformation, Opulence Service,  Inspiration Speaking, Self Development, Organizational Performance Improvement programs (behavioral and attitude change programs), Teamwork and Effective Communication.She has a passion to play a role in societal transformation by facilitating forums which enhance awareness, discussions and deliberations on issues relevant to TRANSFORM society.She likes to engage in productive development that challenges me to be a better person to people around me and to the environment that I live in. She expertise in fast-growth companies, successfully, transforming unstructured environments into organized performing space through policy and governance. Her expertise and exposure is multi-dimensional including years as a Marketing specialist, Leadership Development Professional and Culture specialist working on European and African projects. Her skills lie in leadership development, strategy planning and formulation, innovation and aggressive marketing and business development skills. These skills plus the knowledge gained and expertise honed and her work ethic, set her apart and cause her to stand out, where managing people, execution of strategy efficiently and leading teams is concerned. Studied and worked across several geographies (Africa, Asia, and Europe) with responsibility for leading programs and projects. More recently coached and facilitated transformation of social change leaders, social entrepreneurs and business leaders within communities.

Her core values _ Opulence, Accountability, Humility, Audacity, Leadership and Integrity.

Everything rises and falls on leadership, improving personal and organizational leadership will have a positive impact on your desired results.

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