Eden’s Stewards: Marking World Environment Day

On 5th of June, governments, organizations and people around the world commemorated World Environment Day, this year’s focus being #BeatAirPollution. At the mention of the term “air pollution”, industrial greenhouse emissions come to mind. While it is true that Industries, especially in the developing world play a big role in the emission of the greenhouse gases and that more effort in adopting environmental friendly practices in the manufacturing, processing and energy production sectors is necessary, it is also important that we focus on human practices such as crop and animal farming and household waste disposal. Increased animal farming to bridge the demand gap due to increase in consumption of animal products, deforestation to claim land for agricultural purposes and disposal of household waste through burning in an uncontrolled manner have in the recent years contributed substantially to carbon emissions. Collective action to combat air pollution is therefore a necessity.

As Eden’s Stewards, we believe that caring for the environment is a God-given responsibility to all mankind. To mark this year’s World Environment Day, we partnered with the Kiambu county government, UN Habitat, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Inter-religious Council of Kenya, Amref, Wildlife Students Association and other youth organizations in Kenya. The event was held in Uthiru Polytechnic and wound up in Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies, Ndubuini, Kiambu County. In-line with the theme ‘Air Pollution’, we embarked on planting numerous trees as it is one of the simplest solutions to #BeatAirPollution, owing to their ability to store more than one trillion tonnes of carbon.

The governor of Kiambu county, Hon. Ferdinand Waititu graced the event together with a number of MCAs from the county. The governor expressed his commitment to ensure that the county is at the forefront to create and maintain a clean and well cared for environment for its people and continue to support projects that are aimed at safeguarding the environment. The governor also proceeded to plant a tree, thereby flagging off the tree planting exercise.

Kiambu County Governor, Hon. Ferdinand Waititu (third left) leveling the ground with a spade after planting a tree

Eden’s Stewards director, Mr. Rudolf Makhanu, on protecting the earth quoted Jeremiah 2:7, where God reminds us of the fact that He had brought us into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruits and its good things but we have instead defiled it and made His heritage an abomination. He emphasized on the need for various institutions and the community as a whole to work together if we are to successfully conserve the environment.

Other activities that were held included a clean-up exercise, medical camp that saw a huge number of those in attendance getting a medical check-up plus free medicine, legal aid, animal health camp and a soccer match where the winning team was awarded a trophy. This enabled the community to feel included in the exercise and also develop an interest to understand and appreciate the importance of conserving the environment. Later on, we all shared a meal together which was made available by one of our partners.

It was quite a delight, as Eden’s Stewards to hold such an impactful event that left everyone inspired to do their own little thing regardless of their status in society or financial status to conserve the environment for a better and healthy future for all.

Eden’s Stewards Director, Mr. Rudolf Makhanu (2nd left) with other partners at Wangari Maathai Institute

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